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Not that you asked...

Posted Wednesday, November 21, 2012, at 3:59 PM

If you are a regular viewer of FOX News, first you have my sympathy, and if you can pull yourself away from watching that bunch of blubbering idiots to read this, I'll give you the answer to their latest big story.

For weeks, FOX News has been focused on what happened in Benghazi. What we all can agree on is that our ambassador and three employees were murdered there. What we can't agree on is whether the murders were carried out by terrorists, or an angry mob. You might remember that I wrote a column about this where I opined that it didn't matter if the murders were an act of terror or the work of a mob, it was only important to capture the killers and punish them.

Anyway, when it first happened our U.N. ambassador, with information supplied by the White House, said that the attack was the work of a mob that was angry about the way Muslims were depicted in a movie. Now, the evidence leads to the conclusion that the murders were a terrorist act. The folks over at FOX now claim that Obama purposely blamed a mob and not terrorists because he was covering something up. They don't say why there was a cover up, just that there was one.

If FOX had just waited awhile they would have found out what was going on. In testimony before Congress, General Petraeus said that the White House knew all along that the killings were an act of terrorism, but they didn't announce it because they didn't want those terrorists to know we were after them.

Now, it's easy enough to see how that could have slipped our attention because right now the only thing we want Petraeus to tell us is about his love life. It turns out the General is somewhat of a ladies man. He had a girlfriend on the side who decided to expose the affair when she thought he was cheating on her with still another woman.

Now, just about any reputable news organization that realized it had made a mistake would admit it and apologize, but whatever gave you the idea that FOX is reputable news organization? FOX News only exists for one reason, and that is to present news from a conservative viewpoint. Since conservatives do not like our current President, FOX is always looking for news that might show him in a bad light. In the FOX world, if Obama were to find a cure for cancer their main story would be about how he put so many cancer researchers out of work.

Like I started this, if you watch FOX News you have my sympathy.

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Not that you asked...
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