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Not that you asked...

Posted Friday, November 30, 2012, at 1:41 PM

I think I'm going through election withdrawal. After all, it was THE STORY for the past year. Now, just like that, it's gone.

Imagine what the people of Ohio are going through? Obama and Romney were in that state almost on a daily basis in October. Political commercials saturated their TV viewing. Now, it's gone. Not in a slow gradual way, but almost the blink of an eye. Those people won't know what to do with themselves.

Of course, the second that this election became history, the pundits were falling over each other to be the first one to mention the election of 2016. Now that someone has done that, I can too. But I won't. Even I am not that cruel.

The real fun is going to come in January when the Arkansas Legislature convenes. Our idiotic term limits law all ready forces members out just as they are beginning to figure the job out. Now, for the first time since Reconstruction, Republicans will be in control. In any organization things are shaky when someone new takes over, and that new person leans on the veterans when they begin. In Little Rock we have new leaders with no experience and no veterans to help them out. Look for some strange laws coming out of Little Rock next year.

If the pundits can't wait for 2016, they can come to Arkansas and cover the 2014 election. That's when we will find out if Arkansas has turned Republican like the rest of the old Confederacy. The Governor's office will be open, and Mark Pryor will be up for re-election. Just four years ago the Republicans couldn't find anyone to run against him. We will find out if the Pryor name is still magic around here.

It will also be interesting to see if the medical marijuana people will try again or wait until 2016, using the four years to gain support for it. They may even go further and try to get it legalized for any use. After all, that happened in two states this year. If that were to happen, Arkansas would become a boom state. Besides all of the revenue the state would get from sin taxes, hotels and restaurants would increase their business from all of the people coming from out of state to get high, sleep it off, and then pig out at breakfast. I just wonder which diner is going to be the first to have a munchies special.

If the rest of the country wants to fret and worry about 2016, let 'em. I'm more interested in 2012.

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Not that you asked...
John Boxley
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