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Not that you asked...

Posted Friday, December 21, 2012, at 1:04 PM

Is the Second Amendment still worth the cost? There are 26 families in Connecticut that might not think so.

Let me start this by telling you that, while I am a social liberal, I like guns. I don't want to lose the right to own them. We just have to learn more about living in society where almost anybody can get a gun.

As usual people on the far left and far right have overreacted to the current situation. Those on the left want all guns to be illegal to own. Those on the right want everybody to own and carry a gun. Both of those ideas are wrong.

It's a trite saying, but also true that, if you outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns. Banning guns wouldn't work because there are too many people who want them. Just like Prohibition and the war on drugs, any attempt to ban guns would be a failure. People want their guns just like they want booze and pot.

Suppose we took the other tactic of arming everybody. Surely that idea wouldn't extend to grade schoolers. You could arm teachers and administrators and have armed guards at every entrance, and you still won't stop someone who is determined to find a crowd and start shooting. That's because the people who do those things are insane. They usually end up committing suicide so there's no fear of punishment to deter them.

The only way to live in a society with guns is to allow and encourage people to carry them out in the open like the old West.

I think I just made every liberal faint.

That may sound outlandish, and is, but still the only way to deter a nut with a gun is to present a situation where he would most likely fail. There are still some people out there who might try it anyway, but at least there would be fewer victims.

This may sound even crazier, but the only way to ensure more safety in a society with guns is to make everybody carry one. Not just allow them to carry guns, require them to do so. In the case of teachers, they might like that idea. It would cut down on discipline problems, and deter parents from chewing them out.

Then again If you had tried that at Virginia Tech, it would have been a huge failure. Dozens of students in a hallway just itching to shoot somebody. Sounds like fun.

I am convinced the only way to be safe while living with the Second Amendment is for everyone to be armed. Do we really want to live that way?

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Not that you asked...
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