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Thursday, Mar. 23, 2017

Flea season is here

Posted Thursday, June 9, 2016, at 2:17 PM

Yes, I agree, but every summer millions of dogs and cats suffer unnecessarily because pet parents fail to protect them.

"Protect them from what?" you ask...

I am talking about tiny little creatures that can inflict more misery, ounce for ounce, on dogs than any other creature. I am talking about fleas!

Your dog's scratching is usually the first clue you've got a flea problem. But because fleas are so easy to miss early on, many pet parents assume that fleas aren't causing their pet's itching.

These tiny, nearly invisible pests can make your dog's life miserable through vicious cycles of biting and scratching that never seem to end.

The first one or two fleas quickly become dozens, even hundreds. The prolific breeders they are, it doesn't take long before you end up with a home crawling with fleas everywhere--in your furniture, on your rug, and even your bed. By the time you realize you have a flea problem, it's too late. It only takes one flea to start this vicious cycle.

Imagine if one of those bloodthirsty fleas attacked you in the middle of the night, taking a taste of your blood and leaving behind their itchy saliva? Making you writhe with pain and itching so bad you couldn't get any sleep? All the while you're scratching away at your skin, making it bloody and raw just trying to make the itch go away...

That's how your poor pet can feel. And that's exactly why your pet may scratch until he's bloody, whimper or cry out in discomfort--and why he can't sleep. All he wants is for you to make his pain go away.

And don't forget, with fleas, it's not just the itchy discomfort; fleas potentially carry dangerous diseases, too. They're not safe to have in your home for your pet or for your family.

Why make your pet suffer so when there's an easy solution? And why wait until you've got a full-blown infestation? Your pet depends on you to protect her against fleas. She can't fight them on her own. She needs your help.

You can help your pet by getting an early jump on those pesky fleas by taking action now--before they're a problem. Proper flea control in the environment and a flea product on your pet is essential.

Visit your veterinarian for expert advice on how to keep your pet and home flea free. They are the flea experts. It takes more than just treating your pet to rid your environment of fleas.

If you have questions about flea control or products contact Dr. Norette Underwood of Trumann Animal Clinic and Best Friends Vet Mobile Service at catdoc56@gmail.com.

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