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Clyde and Twila Ford/Jimmy and Melba Berry

Posted Friday, December 7, 2012, at 12:00 PM

As our Christmas parades are beginning to occur, so go the grand marshals that lead our parades.

Our first two parades in Poinsett County came to Harrisburg and Marked Tree this past Saturday night. Both parades were beautiful and different, in their own special ways, but this year a lot of focus was around the grand marshals that led each parade. This year in Harrisburg, the grand narshal was Mr. Clyde Ford, who was accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Twila. In Marked Tree, the marshals were a tandem of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Berry.

In Harrisburg, Clyde and Mrs. Twila were leading the parade in a horse drawn buggy that was led by horse. Mr. Randy Jones guided the horse. This was unique in every sense of the word.

Everyone in the Harrisburg area knows Clyde and the many community and county functions that he has been a part of for the past 50 years. Just to mention a few, up until the last couple of years, Clyde has served as our county historian. He has also worked 17 years as chairman of the Poinsett County Equalization Board.

I personally appreciate the work that Clyde has performed on the Equalization Board. Our taxpayers have always have had a chance to be heard, about their property valuations, in a very respectable manner.

As far as his fine wife, Mrs. Twila, there is not a finer lady in the Harrisburg area. She also served as a teacher in the Harrisburg School System in excess of 30 years.

If you live in Marked Tree, Lepanto, Harrisburg or Tyronza, I cannot think of anyone who does not know Jimmy and Melba Berry. In my opinion, there is not a finer couple in our county than these two fine people.

They began teaching in the Marked Tree School System in 1968 until their retirement. Mrs. Berry taught home economics and Mr. Berry served the school within the history section in classes sixth through eighth grades.

They were always great contributors to their community and county. In the past 15 years, their contributions to the community have even increased. Their contributions, just to mention a few, are the Methodist Church, Tri City Historical Museum, Marked Tree Library and the Masonic Lodge. These four organizations are only a few of the many organizations these fine people have supported greatly.

We all still have time to see more of our parades this coming weekend.

Tyronza parade id Friday, Dec. 7, and Lepanto parade is Saturday, Dec. 8. These parades are beautiful and I am sure the grand marshals will be people like our first two parades. The grand marshals are people who have contributed to their community and county for many, many years.

It is not too late to get in on the beautiful parades and also honor great people who have played important roles in our county.Jump in your car and come on. You will not be disappointed. This will enlighten your Christmas and give you a chance to see the wonderful people who are our grand marshals that have helped Poinsett County remain a great place to live over the past 50 years.

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