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Christmas beauty in Poinsett County

Posted Friday, December 21, 2012, at 1:09 PM

Make no mistake about it, our entire county is lit up in Christmas lights and ornaments throughout the county. This is such a great sign during an economic downturn that has not entirely reached its end.

From Weiner, all the way to Lepanto, the beauty of the lights are in top swing at this time of the year. If you have the time, I am going to give you at least one area in each town that you can make a visit and truly enjoy, while our Christmas in Poinsett County is going forward.

In the Weiner area, Kingshighway is in a glow. You can also swing down Huber Drive. This is one of our smaller cities that really takes pride in their town. While you ride down Kingshighway, you see see the yard of Myra and David Swartz. Each year they always have beautiful lights and decorations. Keep driving until you reach the end of Kingshighway and make a right. Within half a mile you will reach Huber Drive. Make that right and you will soon see the lighting of Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Hurdle.

While you are in the area, slip over through Waldenburg to Fisher. The town is dressed in Christmas in the ChristmasSpirit, also.

Harrisburg is also ready for 'ole Santa Clause. You can take a swing on East Street onto Main Street. You will pass the Poinsett County Courthouse, which is dressed beautifully along with Harrisburg City Hall. Take a drive down Gould Street and proceed to Duckwater Subdivision. This is sheer beauty. So, if you are at the county seat, you will not want to miss these areas.

From Harrisburg, you can take Highway 163 North. This is beautifully lit and being on Crowley's Ridge makes it even more special.

Once you reach Highway 158 you can make a left turn and travel that area. This highway cuts through the heart of Crowley's Ridge and is a scene that resembles the old fashion Christmas that we always enjoyed in past years.

In Trumann, the entire city is lit and there are a couple of areas dressed heavily for Christmas. As you enter Trumann on West Speedway, you can make a left on Honeysuckle Street. Proceed down Honeysuckle Street and weave in and out of the Garden Terrace Subdivision. Upon completion of that area, you can cross West Speedway onto the Meadows Subdivision. Once you pass through this area go in a direction down Highway 463 until you find yourself at 463 Spur. Take a straight direction toward the Trumann County Club. Behind the club you will find yourself in a beautifully lit area. Our friend, Gary Russell, lives in that area and you may want to give him a "beep" with your horn to let him know you are passing and have seen his beautiful lighting.

Now, if you travel on to Marked Tree, you can cross the overpass onto Highway 75B. Off that highway you can take a left on Riverside Drive. This year, as always, it is lit in old fashion Christmas lighting. Glenda Drace is at the end of the lane and, year after year, has always had a beautiful scene in her yard. Key Circle is another area that a real standout in the lighting.

Lepanto is always lit beautifully down Greenwood Street. When you cross the first bridge going into the city you will have two subdivisions on the left and right of Highway 140. These areas are simply beautiful in their arrangements. You can also travel across the second bridge on Highway 140 and an array of lighting.

Last, but not least, is the city of Tyronza. This town is lit from Main Street and throughout the town. One area that you do not want to miss is the stroll down Oak Street. At the end of Oak Street is the home of Mrs. Delores Bodry. She always has her yard loaded with beautiful lighting.

The areas that we have mentioned in our cities and county are only a few of the fine areas within our county. Our county is getting ready for Christmas and we are truly thankful for all of our citizens who have taken their time to make Poinsett County a beautiful place during the holidays.

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