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Creating our history book

Posted Friday, January 25, 2013, at 1:07 PM

I never have attempted to write a book. There are people, who in my opinion, should be given praise for the many thoughts and ideas that it takes to undertake such a project. It is a long process in many cases. Much time is made and given to the project of attempting the process of any book, and can you imagine how hard it would be, especially when you speak of history, the time consumed can become a major portion of that person's life.

Mr. Clyde Ford, only few years ago, served as a historian for our county. If a person needed an answer about situations forty or fifty years ago, he had the answer. He could give you the details about any situation. About fifteen years ago Clyde, while working within the Poinsett County History Society, surrounded himself with people who knew a certain area, and had lived in that community for many years. I believe that Mary Ann Arnold was also on that committee at the time. I know that I will be leaving out a few in mentioning the production of our first history book. The book was a success in every way.

We are now beginning a new history book. Just to name a few, Wesley Hooper and Sylvia Evens, are creating our second book. These people are working very hard to create a second production. I know that they are doing their best to make the book complete. Mr. Clyde Ford has also been of assistance in the Poinsett County History Book, Vol. 2. We appreciate these people for the time that they have spent and continue to pour in, more time daily, as the book is almost at completion.

We should personally thank the people of our past who have continued with our history. The also appreciate the ones who are attempting to create our second edition to update on all of the events that have taken place from a few years ago to our present history. I once heard a wise many say, "Son, you don't know where you are going unless you know what has happened before". The time that they have committed to this project is tremendous, but, we appreciate all of the work that the committee has been involved with. Thank you all so very much.

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