Three Rivers Nursing Center News

Thursday, May 31, 2001

Monday Brother Carl Chandler held a church service for the residents. That afternoon the residents practiced for the Olympics. They are entering the beanbag toss, the horseshoe throw, the softball throw and the wheelchair races.

Tuesday the residents exercised with music and then had refreshments. During the afternoon hours they played bingo with Mrs. Ada Lorsbach winning the cover-all game.

The next day residents exercised and enjoyed storytelling. They listened to music and had refreshments. Wednesday afternoon the residents went for a walk outside. The group is growing and everyone is enjoying the sunshine and getting outside some, now that the weather is better.

Thursday morning the residents went for a walk and then had refreshments. In the afternoon they played bingo with Danny Moore winning. Danny has become their roaming reported. He uses his motorized wheelchair to go to church now. You might see him out on Sunday morning going to the Church of God on Allyn Street. He lets everyone at Three Rivers Nursing Center that he is out with his wheelchair. He is going to use his wheelchair to race in the Olympics.

Friday morning the residents made some crafts and then had refreshments. During the afternoon hours, they had ice cream and juice.

Saturday morning, Brother Jeffrey Pope had the weekly church service. After the service he and his wife visited with all the residents.

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