Thursday, May 31, 2001

The routine patrol of a Marked Tree police officer, last Thursday night, led to the confiscation of over 30 grams of pseudoephedrine and the arrest of a Paragould man. On May 25, 2001, at approximately 12:30 a.m., Officer Jeremy Bond of the Marked Tree Police Department was on routine patrol on U.S. 63, north of Marked Tree, when he noticed that a license plate light on the car, in front of him (a 1992 Black Chevrolet Berrata), did not work. Bond ran a registration check on the vehicle and found that the license plate should have been displayed on a 1987 white Chevrolet Utility Vehicle. Bond later made a traffic stop on the vehicle and driver, Bobby Herrill Herring, 36, of Paragould. According to the police report, after a brief discussion with Herring, Bond noted that Herring became "very nervous." Off. Bond asked Herring if there was anything illegal in the vehicle, which according to the police report, Herring stated, "no." Bond later asked Herring if he (Bond) could take a quick look inside the vehicle, at which Herring said that he did not care. While looking inside the vehicle, Bond found a police scanner with local area law enforcement frequencies programmed into it on the passenger floorboard, and two lithium batteries in the console. Off. Bond later opened the trunk of the car and discovered several bags containing numerous boxes of pseudoephedrine. After noticing the boxes, Bond arrested Herring and a passenger, Everett Hooks of Paragould, at the scene. Herring and Hooks were taken to the MTPD, for questioning. Also, the MTPD took an inventory of the pseudoephedrine. Found were:

* 23 boxes of 48 tablets of 30 mg and 1 box of 10 tablets of 30 mg.

The total amount found by police was 33.420 grams of pseudoephedrine. During questioning of Herring, according to the police report, all Herring stated was that Hooks did not know about the pills. During an interview with Hooks, Hooks told police that Herring had picked him up from a VA Hospital earlier that night. Hooks also stated that he did not know about the pills in the car and that Herring was giving Hooks a ride to the VA Hospital. Later, Hooks was released without charges, based on Herring's statement.

A probable cause hearing was held Friday afternoon, in the courtroom of Municipal Judge Jim Dunlap, in Marked Tree. Probable cause was found and Herring will be charged with possession of pseudoephedrine, with intent to manufacture. Herring was placed on $5,000 bond and he will appear in Poinsett Co. Circuit Court on August 3, 2001. Pseudoephedrine, an ingredient in most cold medications, is a main ingredient used to make crystal methamphetamine.

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