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Thursday, May 31, 2001

Isn't it strange, we have to read an item to awaken us to the reality that, "We've got the Best."

First, take a good look at Poinsett County. Oh! There's no big, big cities, but there are lots of nice friendly towns.

Have you ever been to Whitehall? Well give yourself a treat. Drive over to the Bacon Hotel, it's on the National Register.

There's probably folks in Marked Tree who have never been to the Lock and Siphon. Ask Mayor Ashlock which way to go.

Wonder how many Poinsett County citizens have been inside the Courthouse, but not been able to find Sheriff Mills' office?

And here's one that will probably throw you for a loop - Rivervale Siphons are on the National Register. There should be a sign so people would stop and ask questions. Well, just for the record, it's the one and only in the U.S. While you are there Saturday, joining in the fun and shooting, breeze with the "Rivervale Rats" take a look around. Ask any of the Fires about anything. They will fill you in, and show you the big barn that's being built.

And speaking of barns, go by Harris Insurance. Bobby has a poster of these old "Horse Motels." Oh, I mean barns.

If you are debating on where to take a few days of vacation, try the Cotton Pickin' Jubilee on the last Saturday in September in Marked Tree.

Then in October the Terrapin Derby will be in full swing in Lepanto. The first Saturday-folks come back from everywhere. You might luck up on some long, last kinfolk.

Also some time, the Wild Duck Festival will be attracting a crowd of outdoorsmen to Trumann.

If you are still able to travel and can afford the gasoline, crank up and go to Weiner's Rice Festival. Stuart Brown, the nice vice-president of the Little River Bank, brags about Weiner, his old stomping ground. He'll fill you in and tell you all the things to do and who has the best rice.

Now the frost and cold wind is about to take over, but don't let that stop you from going to Whitehall on the third Saturday in October and tour the Parker Homestead. Probably on your way, you can see some of the sunken lands, Indian mounds and Crowley's Ridge. Give yourself a treat, get acquainted with Poinsett County, save your gas-spend your money here.

You know, reading the news makes you perk up. As we read thoughts began to pop up. So, we took a drive in Lepanto, across the bridge on 135. As we turned the curve, the first thing that caught our eyes was Mrs. Fanning Shinall's yard of gorgeous roses. They are so pretty, you want to just stop and stare.

Amid the pretty yards, as we turned the curve, you hardly expected to see this vegetable garden of Mr. Faulkner's. It looked good enough to eat.

Kay Robertson has made her place so inviting and pretty. She just forgot to put the cookies on the table and fill the glasses. I'll honk next time, have the cookies ready.

The Marion Bryan's have a real pretty, well kept lawn. In fact, it was a wonderful drive. The folks elsewhere have nothing on us.

So give yourself a treat, drive around town. Wave at your neighbors. Just be glad you live in a great county and town. And tell everyone "Ya'll come" but not all at once.

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