Juvenile arrested in connection with armed robbery

Thursday, June 21, 2001

by: Amanda Harris

Around two o'clock Tuesday afternoon a young African-American male entered Massey's Video and Electronics, browsed around for a few moments and then pulled a gun on Susan Tacker, an employee, and demanded the money from the register.

Tacker was shocked and did not know what to do. About that time Barbara Massey walked back to the front of the store. When she heard what was happening, Barbara told Tacker to give him the money.

Once the cash register was opened the man began pulling the money out of the drawer. He pointed the gun at Barbara and Susan Tacker telling them to get down on the floor.

Barbara told the man there was more money in the back of the store, in Brad Massey's office.

Barbara said she was trying to keep the man away from the game room where several children were playing video games.

While the subject was in the office, Barbara eased out of the office and went around the back of the store and let the children out the back door of the game room to safety.

Barbara said that the subject was an African-American male about 5'7" or 5'8". She also said that she didn't think the man that robbed her was from around here.

The subject confiscated the surveillance video, but according to Barbara his fingerprints are all over the store.

Barbara said she had just come into the store a few minutes earlier to relieve her daughter, and she had sent her daughter across the street to Fred's to get something. She continued by saying that she was so thankful that her daughter wasn't there when the robbery occurred.

The store was closed for the rest of the day, but continued regular hours yesterday.

The Massey's plan to tighten security in the near future, but no details were available at press time.

Marked Tree Police were on the ball yesterday, arresting at least one in connection with the robbery within four hours of the crime. As of press time, four arrests have been made in connection with the robbery.

Police also recovered a gun, which is believed to be the gun used in the robbery in the grass on the other side of the railroad tracks from Massey's Video and Electronics. The surveillance video taken during the robbery was also recovered, along with approximately $1,000 cash.

Of the four arrests made three juveniles were arrested along with 19-year-old Derick Ames, of Marked Tree.

After the probable cause hearing yesterday, one juvenile and Ames were charged with aggravated robbery, a class "Y" felony. The juvenile's bond was set at $100,000. Ames' bond was set at $7,500. Both men are to appear in court on August 3.

Ames is believed to have been driving the get-away-car, while the first juvenile is believed to be the one who held Barbara and Tacker at gunpoint while robbing the store.

The other two juveniles' cases will be transferred to the juvenile authorities. At least one these juveniles were believed to have been hiding the first juvenile while police were looking for him. At least one of the juveniles was charged with hindering arrest. Details on the third juvenile, charges and connection with the crime were still sketchy at press time.

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