Thursday, June 21, 2001

by: Mike Dabney

I have not really written about crime in our community, but nothing prevents me from expressing my opinions on it. You will probably read of an incident, and hear of it, in which several young black gentlemen entered Massey's new game room and video store across from Fred's, and robbed it at gunpoint. I am just going on what I have heard, what is known as a reliable source, but it seems there were several, perhaps 8 to 10, of our young people, decent, law abiding young people, enjoying recreation in that building, at the time the young men entered intent on robbing. (I can pretty much say what I feel here; except as a parent of a child held at gunpoint.)

The culprit lined our young people up, counted them, I am talking about being victims of a violent crime, young people of tender age, 9 years old, traumatizing them.

This is my way of telling you as a parent to be active in the prosecution of these alleged criminals, to be active in communicating with Carla Powell's office, who will prosecute them, and make sure the Court, the Prosecutor, and the jury hear from you at the appropriate times. You are invited to call me and I will do what I can to keep you in the "loop," and to insure that you get to express your opinion to the court as to how the men who are found guilty or plead guilty to this crime are punished. The victims of violent crime are sometimes ignored since they do not know how to relate to the criminal justice system. Let's not let that happen in this case. When a good and wholesome recreation like Massey's is opened in our town, which has so very few places for the kids to spend oft idle free summer vacation, and it is spoiled, if only temporarily, but violently, by irresponsible and dangerous actions of uncaring people, it is time to stand up for the peace and dignity of our town.

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