Poinsett County receives grant money

Friday, July 27, 2001

press release

United States Representative Marion Berry (D)-Ark.), announced Friday that three schools in Poinsett County received E-Rate grants totaling approximately $45,000 to connect its students to the information Superhighway.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for Poinsett County," Bert said. With our nation's growing dependence on computers, we must be sure that no student is left behind in the Information Age. Six out of ten jobs in the next millennium will rely on high-technology skills. This E-Rate grant will help us prepare our children, for the competitive global economy of the next century and give them the tools they' need to learn, Many schools in the first congressional district already have benefited from the E-Rate program and we must continue to give our schools access to vital technology."

Crowley's Ridge Educational Coop received $24,497.35 for telecommunication systems.

Harrisburg Public School District received $13,391.04 for telecommunication systems.

Marked 'tree School District received $7,624.6l for telecommunication systems.

The E-Rate program provides discounts of between 20 and 90 percent to schools and libraries -- depending on their resources and needs -- for the cost of education technology. The discounts cover the cost of telecommunications, Internet access and internal connections needed to bring information directly into, classrooms. Overall, the program will provide $1.9 billion in discounts to tens of thousands of schools, with the costs being covered by the Universal Service Fund.

This is the first wave of funding commitments this year. Additional information on the program and the process for notifying schools is available on the Internet at: www.slcfund.org

Over the next several weeks, the Schools and Libraries Corporation will send out additional waves of discount notifications to schools and libraries based on the priorities established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in June of 1998.

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