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Friday, July 27, 2001

by: Sue Chambers

Folks in Lepanto are very proud and congratulations to Fred and Amelia Stuckey on winning "Farmer of the Year" in Poinsett County.

It brought back memories of the early 1900's when the first Stuckey's of Amory, MS, heard about the great country across the Mississippi River in Lepanto, Arkansas. Lots of work, lots of money, and a whole new world.

So, Mr. Jim, Mr. Fred, and Mr. Sam loaded up one day and headed across the river.

It was 1914 when Mr. Sam bought the M.O. Duncan store in Lepanto. He was joined by his brothers, Jim and Fred.

They all rolled up their sleeves and began to branch out, in different areas. They had a larger farming interest and in those days, "Cotton was King." They then discovered that they needed a gin, so again Stuckey Bros. were ginners. People had to eat, so what could they do but have a grocery and mercantile business. Time began to fly and hey! They discovered a need for insurance-so another business was added.

Now they also found time to be active members of the Methodist Church, the Masonic Lodge, O.E.S., P.T.A., and any organization to help the town. It did grow and their contribution is evident 'til this day. So Fred, you and Amelia have a wonderful background.

But, just for the record, Fred, Mary Kathrine Williams thinks one thing you do that impresses her greatly, you furnish the Christmas Tree every year for the Methodist Church. She says that it's beautiful and reaches to the ceiling. How about another big "Thank You."

To all the Stuckey's. Thank you for crossing the "Big Muddy" and contribute to our hometown, Lepanto.

Just had a nice letter from Glenn Stevens and he has such fond memories of Lepanto and hope to be here Terrapin Derby Day.

And while we are on the subject of Terrapin Day, we noticed Leonard Argo, Jr., has some neat looking ponies. Never saw him ride, but maybe he can lead them around.

Of course, we know that Howard Covington wouldn't let a little thing like an operation keep him from riding, even if his wife stands there saying, No! No! with a lariat in her hand.

We are so glad to learn Juliet Portis is doing fine, and the Doctor says she's good as new after her operation. Remember she used to ride in Terrapin Derby. And maybe Norwood, Tri's better half, will let her borrow one of those fast "trotters." We'd like to see you go for it, Juliet. This is supposed to be a "Biggie."

Now we are trying to slow Carla Beth Duffel down long enough to get a behind the scenes story.

She is the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Jim Duffel. Rev. Jim preaches every Sunday at the Lepanto Baptist Church.

And we have observed Carla Beth as being a lovely young lady. When she sings, she has a nice smile and a look of pride as she looks at her Dad.

Now we've all heard about "Preacher's Kids", so we will try to hem Carla Beth up and get her version of "My Life and Story of Being the 'Preacher's Kid'." In other words, look at the other side of the coin.

Now we hope everyone will be out Sunday evenings for the 5th Sunday singing at the Lepanto First Baptist Church. If the singing gets you down, afterward, the refreshments will pick you up.

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