A trip to the zoo

Friday, July 27, 2001

by: Amanda Harris


As many of you have already heard, the rumors are true, I am leaving the news paper. This is my last issue at the Tribune and my last column. Let me say that I have enjoyed my time in the Tri-Cities area. The people in this area are wonderful. I would say that I will miss you all, but with the new job I have taken, I will still be in the area. So technically I'm not leaving you all, I'm just leaving the Tribune.

The Kids

I know some of you absolutely detest reading about "The Kids," but I just wanted everyone out there who likes those stories to know that Freddie has recovered quite nicely from her surgery. She got her staples/stitches taken out on Monday and is keeping up with Cheyenne with no problems. They are wrestling and playing like normal.

Lily is fine too. And as usual, she continues to be disgusted that she has to exist among those two mutts.

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