Loyalty and dedication deserving of recognition

Thursday, June 20, 2002

John H. Wimpy, of Tyronza, has set an example of loyalty and dedication for employees of Pinkerton Security and Investigation Services.

Wimpy worked for Pinkerton Security and Investigation Services for 26 years, three months, and 20 days. During that time, he never took a single day of sick or personal leave. Over that 26 year period, Wimpy worked every holiday.

Pinkerton is a leading provider of security solutions, including security officer services, investigations, consulting, business intelligence, security systems integration and employee selection services. Founded in 1850 by Allan Pinkerton, the original "private eye," Pinkerton protects the people and property of thousands of businesses and organizations, including more than 80 percent of the U.S. Fortune 1000.

He worked out of the Memphis office in the security division, while living in Grenada, Miss., for 22 of his 26 years. He started as sergeant and spent three years in that position patrolling hospitals, ballparks and private companies. He then worked for three years as a lieutenant, sometimes walking six miles per shift. He spent 20 years in the position of captain, in which he worked as the company's liaison with new clients. Wimpy is proud of breaking up a theft ring in 1986 for a Pinkerton client. "You have to be honest to work for Pinkerton," said Wimpy.

Wimpy received four plaques while employed at Pinkerton, including Regional Employee of the Month, and Officer of the Month March. He was named to the company's President's Club in 1984 for his outstanding work record.

When Wimpy was inducted into Pinkerton's President's Club, the company sent him to Boca Raton, Florida, for an all-expense paid weekend trip. He told the company that he didn't fly in hopes that would end the discussion, but the company rented him and car and encouraged him to go.

After Wimpy had been with Pinkerton for 21 years, they sent him a bound copy of the history of the company, which he intends to pass on to his grandson.

Since Pinkerton began in 1850, no other employee has ever matched Wimpy's work record.

Pinkerton District Manager Betsy Bauman wrote to him, "I have never met or had the pleasure of working with the caliber officer that you are. To have never been late for work, to have never missed a day, to have walked on occasion three miles to get to work is truly a record to be proud of."

"I was taught to be honest and to be on time to work," Wimpy said.

A native of Etowah and Tyronza, he still has the shirt he was issued on June 8, 1964, and it is still pressed and starched. He stayed with Pinkerton, formerly called Pinkerton Detective agency, until he retired on Sept. 30, 1990.

The Vice President of Security for Pinkerton wrote to Wimpy, "It is particularly gratifying to note your splendid work record. Such constancy is indeed rare, and it reflects your credibility. I am always interested and concerned about our security officers and the example they set. Your dedication, no doubt, will influence others, and you may take pride in the positive effects your general attitude will have on the newer members of our force."

Wimpy is so dedicated to Pinkerton that he still will not reveal much information about his security work.

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