Area Jury List

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Poinsett County Circuit Clerk, Claudia Matthews, released the following names drawn as prospective petit jurors for the July 2002 session of Poinsett County Circuit Court Civil Division. Judge David Burnett of Osceola and Judge John Fogleman of Marion will be presiding.

Jurors are instructed to report to the Poinsett County Courthouse in Harrisburg on Monday, July 15 at 9:15 a.m. Jurors are also instructed to call the Circuit Clerk's Office (870-573-4420) after 5 p.m. on Sunday, July 14. Jurors will hear a recorded message that will verify the date and time they will need to report in case of a change in the court schedule. Questions may be directed to the Circuit Clerk's Office during regular office hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).

Here are the prospective jurors for this area: Ken Darrell Adams of Marked Tree, Virgie Lee Anderson of Marked Tree, Brandon Kyle Argo of Lepanto, Lisa L. Bolton of Marked Tree, Michael W. Brashears of Marked Tree, Rebecca L. Burns of Marked Tree, Roberta Campbell of Marked Tree, L B Carson of Lepanto, Lonnie Coleman of Marked Tree, Winfred G. Craig of Tyronza, Claude G. Easton of Marked Tree, Tracey Lynn Feathers of Lepanto, Lisa R. Freeman of Tyronza, Barry Eldon Gann of Tyronza, Bertha Mae Hendrix of Marked Tree, Marcy Gwen Hendrix of Lepanto, Dorothy J. Hogan of Lepanto, Clayton Ross Holiman of Lepanto, Marlin Wright Howe of Marked Tree, Keith Bradley Johnson of Marked Tree, Tommy O'Neal McIntare of Tyronza, Clifton Duray Mitchell of Marked Tree, Josephine Moore of Lepanto, Howard E. Morgan of Marked Tree, Pearline Wooten Norman of Marked Tree, Wayne Edward Norwood of Tyronza, Freddie Pearson of Lepanto, Samantha Rochel Phillips of Marked Tree, Susan A. Phillips of Lepanto, Lourene Cates Pruitt of Marked Tree, Denise Reel of Lepanto, Donald Ray Rhinehart of Marked Tree, Joy Fay Roach of Lepanto, Andrew Stewart Roberts of Marked Tree, Billy Allen Robertson of Lepanto, Karli Denise Saracini of Marked Tree, Brenda Kay Shinall of Lepanto, Helen Ann Shockley of Marked Tree, John Wayne Story of Lepanto, Theardis Letroy Tucker of Lepanto, David Lindell Tull of Marked Tree, Trina Shanee Walls of Marked Tree, Samantha J. Washington of Marked Tree, Judith Smith Webb of Marked Tree, Patsy G. Wilson of Marked Tree and Edwin JR Wright of Marked Tree.

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