Lepanto City Council approves Legion Hut deed

Thursday, July 18, 2002

In its meeting Monday night, the Lepanto City Council voted 8-0 to authorize the conveyance of the Willie Lamb, Post 26 American Legion Hut from the city of Lepanto to the Legion Hut. The resolution, passed at the July meeting, will allow Mayor Dale Dunlap or City Clerk Tamara Wyatt to use a quick-claim deed to send the remainder of the 100-year lease to the Legion Hut. Hut members are attempting to place the Legion Hut, one of the oldest buildings in Lepanto, on the Arkansas Register of Historic Places.

In other action, the council:

* voted 8-0 to pass an ordinance prohibiting the burying of structures inside the city of Lepanto. The ordinance states that it will be illegal to "bury wooden structures or debris, appliances, garbage, old tires, old vehicles, junk or other debris" in the city. Those found guilty of doing this are subject to fines, ranging from $250 to $1,000.

* Voted 8-0 to table a discussion, dealing with the planning of a Cemetery Committee for the city of Lepanto. During a sometimes contentious debate, members of the council, Mayor Dale Dunlap and members of the audience discussed the need of the committee, which would be in charge of handling the maintenance and aesthetic beauty of the cemetery. The council decided to wait until the August meeting to allow individuals interested in working with the committee an opportunity to get their voices heard. In a related item, council members also discussed placing lights in the cemetery. Council members John Henderson, Terry Kemp and Michael Hale asked that the city look into the situation.

* Heard from council member Terry Kemp, who asked about the curfew rule in Lepanto and a perceived lack of drug arrests and lack of arrests being placed into the local newspaper. On the curfew issue, Kemp stated that he has either seen or heard of individuals under the age of 18 being out at 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. Police Chief Raymond Oakes told the council that the curfew is set at 11 p.m. for Sunday- Thursday and 12 a.m. for Friday and Saturday. On a first offense in Lepanto, the minor is brought to the police department and parents are called. For a second offense in Lepanto, parents are cited, brought to court and face the possibility of fines. Council member David Tyler stated that part of the enforcement of a curfew in Lepanto is the parent's responsibility. On the issue of a perceived lack of drug arrests and not having arrests in local newspapers, Kemp stated that he has heard from several residents about a lack of drug arrests and arrests not being placed into a local newspaper. A representative with a local newspaper at the meeting told council member Kemp that the newspaper is communicating with the Lepanto Police Department on a regular basis.

* In other items, the council discussed the mosquito problem in Lepanto, court issues, insurance for city employees and requests to purchase buy-outs of retirement plans for city employees.

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