Nichols Memorial Garden

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

What started as an idea by Arlene (Nichols) Felmey, the Nichols Memorial Garden Monument has finally become a reality.

Rosemary Nichols followed up on the idea by looking around for a monument with a style and size that would fit in with the existing Nichols Cemetery. Quinton Ray and Rosemary Nichols also looked and priced monuments and benches. In the mean time, the donations from many people started flowing in and a quilt raffle held at the Terrapin Derby made this monument possible.

A small group of people started with ideas and decided on a style that would be everyone's final choice. Keith Nichols secured the services of a friend who donated his talents to provide the blueprints needed to proceed. Quinton Ray and Rosemary Nichols purchased a six and one-half feet tall monument to be put up no later than March of 2003. The stone will say "Nichols Memorial Garden" and a bronze plaque with the "Footprints" verse on the front and small memorial plaques on the back.

Using the funds from existing donations, a base foundation was laid. This base will hold the monument, future places for people who wish to be cremated and future plaques. The size of this base is 20 feet by 12 feet.

After three weeks of work, hard work and all donations of precious time by Quinton Ray Nichols, C.R. (Doc) Nichols, Keith Nichols, Merv Nichols, Wayne Nichols, Bill Judkins, Don Knapp and Charlie Judkins, the foundation and a beautiful 280 foot sidewalk from one side of the cemetery to the other (from the Memorial Garden to the Nichols Arch) were completed. The sidewalk was a much needed suggestion by Doc Nichols. It will make it easier for people with disabilities and in wheelchairs to navigate the cemetery, as well as add to the natural beauty of possibly the oldest family cemetery in this area.

Rosemary and Ouida Nichols saw to it that these wonderful men were well fed.

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