UMY Christian Dinner Theatre

Friday, March 7, 2003

The First United Methodist Church Youth in Marked Tree will present their second annual Dinner Theatre Friday, March 7 and Saturday, March 8, at 6 p.m., with the theme of "God's Great Love."

The Dinner Theater will include spaghetti, rolls, salad, drink and desert along with video presentation media done by Lindsay Constance, Clint Hawkins, Paige Boxley, JR Porterfield, Ben Carika, and Gage Jennings under the direction of Pastor Bob Hager. Musical dance, song and sign language will be directed by Carol Dabney.

A short play under the direction of Kim Wilcoxon entitled "Date of the Weak" staring Brayden Malone, Alixanne and Kelley Wilcoxon, Melissa Dabney, and Clint Hawkins and a skit entitled "God's Love O Meter" staring Gage Jennings, Taylor Greene, Ben Carika, Kelley Wilcoxon, Melissa and Michelle Dabney, Robin Rye and John Dabney on guitar will be presented.

This event will help sponsor the UMY summer mission trip. Tickets are still available by calling the church at 358-2991 or Mike Dabney at 935-2605.

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