EPC defeats Riverside, in boys and girls tennis

Friday, April 11, 2003

The East Poinsett County tennis team completed its sweep of area competition Monday, as the Warriors defeated Riverside in tennis action in Lepanto.

The EPC boys defeated Riverside 7-1, while the Lady Warriors won 8-1. In boys singles action, Adam Robertson of EPC defeated Lee Blake of Riverside 7-5, Daniel Collins (EPC) def. Von McDaniel (Riverside) 6-2, Colby Turner (EPC) def. Dustin Kelems (Riverside) 6-1, P.J. Lacy (EPC) def. Allen Luff (Riverside) 6-3 and Josh Ball (Riverside) def. Chris Cato (EPC) 6-4.

In boys doubles, Daniel Collins/P.J. Lacy (EPC) def. Lee Blake/Dustin Kelems (Riverside) 6-2, Adam Robertson/Colby Turner (EPC) def. Von McDaniel/Allen Luff (Riverside) 6-2 and Chris Cato/Colby Turner (EPC) def. Josh Ball/Chris Poindexter (Riverside) 6-2.

In girls singles, Devin Howington (EPC) def. Chelsea Couch (Riverside) 6-0, Jessica Ruiz (EPC) def. Casey Peaster (Riverside) 7-6, Heather Benton (EPC) def. Miranda Boyd (Riverside) 6-0, Holly Hinton (EPC) def. Haily Faulkner (Riverside) 6-1, Marissa Holiman (EPC) def. Chasity Chisnall (Riverside) 6-0 and Casey Peaster (Riverside) def. Jessica Davis (EPC) 6-3.

In girls doubles, Devin Howington/Jessica Ruiz (EPC) def. Chelsea Couch/Casey Peaster (Riverside) 6-2, Heather Benton/Holly Hinton (EPC) def. Haily Faulkner/Chasity Chisnall 6-2 and Marissa Holiman/Jessica Davis (EPC) def. Miranda Boyd/Chasity Chisnall (Riverside) 6-1.

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