Care package drive for military

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

The members of Xi Alpha Phi Chapter of Marked Tree are sponsoring a care package drive for local military. The men and women of the military need support and they need material items to help them with daily needs while on active duty.

Some items needed:

Telephone cards, foot or baby powder, bibles, baby wipes or wet ones, sun screen, nail clippers, lip balm, band-aids, pen and pencils, flea collars (for sandfleas), stationary and envelopes, small plastic dish pans, newspapers, disposal razors, zip lock baggies, good ole American toilet paper, beef jerky, dry trail mix, kool-aid (presweet), cookies and nuts, books and magazines, white socks, hard candies, and small mirrors.

Please write letters and cards to these special people and we will add them to the packages.

Drop boxes will be at the following locations and contact people are listed below:

ASU Technical Center, Barbara Adams at 358-2117; Bray Gas, Carolyn Wages at 358-2833; Buck's Grocery (Deli-Dept), Vivian Scott at 358-2897; Linda's Flowers and Gifts, Linda Odell at 358-3785;

Ritter Telephone (1st floor lobby) 358-4400.

The sorority has requested that anyone in the area with a family member or friend in the military let them know the name, rank and address.

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