Justices okay funding for inmate drug bills

Friday, July 18, 2003

The Poinsett County Quorum Court passed an appropriation of $20,000 for prescription drugs for inmates at the Poinsett County Detention Center Monday night.

Sheriff Larry Mills came before the Finance Committee of the court to discuss the jail's prescription bill. Fred's pharmacy delivers medicine to the jail for the prisoners. "Fred's bills us every three months, and we were submitting claims for payment. Since 2000, the jail was receiving only a 30-day bill every three months," Mills said.

He said reconciliation with the pharmacy was almost $24,000, but the jail and the pharmacy agreed to $20,000 paying the remainder of 2001, 2002 and be up to date for 2003. Part of the 2000 bill was written off by the pharmacy.

The bill was an oversite on our part and on their part, Mills said.

In other business, a Poinsett County collector, Winnie Ruth Johnson requested a $3,000 salary increase. Mills, her supervisor asked the court for the increase in her behalf. On a six-five vote, court justices passed a salary increase for Johnson for $1,000.

Georgia Henderson, court justice suggested the court set up a committee to set up salary raises for all courthouse employees. Judge Doyle Hillis said he would look into a joining a committee at the first of the year.

The money will come from the collector's automation fund. The fund is used for computers and salaries for those who work with computers in the collector's office.

The court passed an appropriation of funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Arkansas Department of Emergency Management for the Poinsett Office of Emergency planning grant. The $8,660 grant is for rewriting the emergency manual for Poinsett County. The grant money is held in the county general for the use of OEM.

Judge Doyle Hillis announced the Poinsett County landfill is filling up quickly. "We will have to do something about it in the near future," Hillis said.

He said the justices would have to address the need for more landfill space. The storm debris is filling the landfill, he said.

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