Tyronza to build water tower in city

Thursday, December 4, 2003

Tribune News Director

With progress showing from the ground up, the city of Tyronza is currently working with a consulting firm to build a new 200,000-gallon water tower inside the city. The plan, which initially started in late 2001and early 2002 under former mayor Drexel Gill's administration calls for the new tower to replace an older tower, which was built in the early 1930's for residents in the city. In addition to building the new tower, water lines in the city are either being replaced or expanded, with new fire hydrants being installed in the city. The project, which is being done by NRS Consulting is funded through federal money, coming from the United States Department of Agriculture and the Soil and Water Administration.

Officials with NRS told the Tri-City Tribune this week that 25 water lines are being replaced on any given day in Tyronza, with work being done for businesses and residences in the city. According to Mayor Marion Bearden, all water lines should be completed within one month, with the water tower being completed by Jan. 2004. Residents should expect no disruption of service when the towers are changed, yet individuals should notice some water pressure change while work is being on the new pipe.

Officials with NRS told the Tri-City Tribune this week that the new tower should create a better water system for the city, as well as being accepted for approval by the Arkansas Department of Health for safety purposes. The new tower will have heating inside and should create better water pressure for area residents. Most of the pipe being replaced by the city will either be going from two to four inch pipe or from four to six inch pipe, Mayor Bearden told the Tri-City Tribune. Bearden also added that residents could benefit from a lower insurance rate, due to the new water pipes.

In other city news, Mayor Bearden announced that plans for a new city park and the planned museum on Main St. are moving ahead as planned. As for the city park, 3.5 acres of land, behind the Tyronza Post Office and the old Boon home has been donated to the city by Jane Clausen and Ann Johnston (daughters of Margaret Ritter) for use by the city. An application has been filed with the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism for funding the park and the city should know something by Christmas of this year on the plan. The Southern Tenant Farmer's Museum, which will be located on Main St. in Tyronza has a tentative opening date of March 2004, with the Grand Opening being held in Oct. 2004. By having the land, Mayor Bearden told the Tri-City Tribune that various things could be added in the future at the park site, including a baseball complex, community center and walking trail for residents to enjoy.

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