MT holds annual open school board meeting

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tribune News Staff

Marked Tree Schools held their annual open public meeting Monday night in the high school auditorium and was attended by some 150 children, parents and other adults.

The meeting began with various department heads with the school coming before those assembled to give reports on the progress made in each of their areas. Among those speaking were:

* Bennie Whitfield, Federal Program Coordinator and district social worker who spoke of the different programs available through the school.

* Lou Ann Blagg, Technology Coordinator, told of the different improvements in technology including additional "smartboards for use by students.

* Annesa Thompson, high school principal, gave the goals and program highlights of the high school including the addition of three additional advance placement classes in U.S. History, Government and English.

* Col. Clarence Overbay, III, Marked Tree ROTC Commander, read an "Excellent Support Commendation" the school had received for the second year in a row from the Department of the Army.

*Jana Hatley, elementary school principal, gave an overview of the programs and goals of the school.

Following these presentations, the three teachers of Kindergarten students, Linda Fitz, Jerita Tilly and Carla Jennings, came forward with their kids to show the various types of subjects now being taught in the schools. Each teacher and her class showed a different aspect of what they are currently teaching in their classes.

Fitz had her children give a word and song demonstration. Tilly's class showed their math skills as well as their ability to recite the days of the week and the months of the year. Jennings had her students read things they had written to demonstrate the use of phonetics in early writing instruction.

The kindergarten presentations concluded the pre-school board meeting portion of the night and, after a five minute break, the board went into session to a virtually empty auditorium.

Among the business discussed was acceptance of three bids for cabinets to be used in the self-contained special education classroom for teaching life skills. The bids were from RGL Construction for $7,000., Christian Construction for $8,400. and Solution Group for $6,340.

Based on the fact they were bid according to identical specifications, the Solution Group bid was accepted.

The board went briefly into executive session and agreed to Latia Hendrix as a special education aid at the high school.

The final order of business was the election of new officers for the school year and they were as follows: Carolyn Wages, president; Dale Smith, vice president and secretary, Mike Dabney. Ira Lee Whitfield was named as the board check-signing designee.

In other business:

* An issue regarding wording in the student handbook was discussed and after consulting with attorneys will be readdressed at the November meeting for any action.

* Each board member was given a report showing the training they had received and any addition training to be done in the year.

* Policy service updates were distributed.

* All present were reminded of the October 24 Region Seven School Board meeting in Marion.

* Minutes and financial statements were approved.

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