City receives $225,000 grant

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tribune News Staff

Marked Tree Mayor Dixon Chandler announced last week that the City of Marked Tree is eligible to receive $225,000 in grant funding from the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism.

Chandler said the amount is over ten percent of the state's $2 million pot offered to towns with projects meeting the grant's qualifications. Chandler made a presentation to a panel of Parks and Tourism in November.

"We were thrilled to hear the news," Chandler said. "We were expecting to be excited by anything over $50,000. You can't imagine how excited we were to hear we'd received over $200,000."

Chandler said the total funding depends on taxes. He said the city is 18th on a list of 23 grant recipients.

"They are going to send a representative to explain how it works to us," Chandler said.

The funding will be used to help with construction of the city's new parks and recreation complex which was approved by voters last August when they voted in increase the city's sales tax by one percent. The project was begun by members of the Marked Tree Youth Sports who said they wanted better facilities for children in their program.

Chandler said the city owed its thanks to grant writers Miki Willoughby and Betty Shaw as well as city employees Pam Wright and Barbara Kling.

The city council will approve the finalized plans from Associated Engineering at their meeting on Monday, Jan. 14.

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