City to enforce new garbage policy

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The City of Marked Tree began their own garbage pick up program in January in order to better serve the citizens of Marked Tree. However, the city needs the help of its residents to help the process move as smoothly as possible.

The city asks residents to do the following:

*Have all containers out by 7 a.m. the day of pickup. The pickup days have not changed. The North side of town will picked up on Thursdays and the South side of town will be picked up on Tuesdays. Residents may even want to put their containers the night before. Commercial garbage will be picked up on Monday, Wednesday and Friday unless arranged otherwise.

*Residents should sack their garbage and place it in the provided bins. Only garbage in the bins will be picked up. Customers who cannot fit all their garbage should call the water department at 358-2134 to order an additional bin.

*Residents who own their own container will still be charged for trash pickup just as if the bin belonged to the city.

*Customers who are elderly and disabled, and who have no one to help take their garbage to the curb, may call the water department so that the city may make special arrangements to pick up their bins.

In an effort to make Marked Tree as beautiful and clean as possible, the city has also made some changes to its policy about picking up items left on the curb or in resident's yards. Beginning April 1, the city will no long have weekly pickups of items such as furniture, metals, wood, appliances and other miscellaneous items.

The city is now furnishing citizens a place to bring their own items. A dumpster is placed inside the fence next to the Marked Tree Fire Department. It will be open to the public from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If a resident cannot bring their item to the dumpster, the city will pickup the items for a fee of $25. The fee may increase based on the amount of items.

Residents can arrange a pickup by calling the water department at 358-2134. The fee will be attached to the resident's water bill, so he or she must be a customer of the water department to receive this service.

Materials from construction, remodeling and demolition operations are not the responsibility of the city. The contractor or homeowner must make arrangement for this disposal. The city does have dumpsters they can provide for a fee.

The city said it still has plans for a spring cleanup, during which residents can place items on the curb to be picked up for free. The date of the cleanup will be announced in the Tri-City Tribune along with a list of items the city will and will not pick up.

City officials ask that residents do their part to help keep the city clean. If complaints are received because of these kind of items left unattended or not up to code, then the Police Department may issue a warning or a fine.

Those who are elderly and disabled, or who have no way to bring their items to the city's dumpster, may please call the water department for special assistance.

The city will still be picking up leaves and limbs. Residents should not put leaves and limbs on the streets or in the curbs. This is a road hazard which stops the flow or water and clogs street drains.

When a homeowner hires a contractor to cut down a tree, it is the homeowner's responsibility to pay for the removal of that tree.

Those with questions should call the water department 358-2134.

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