By Mark Brasfield

Wednesday, August 8, 2001

Democrat Editor

BAY- Bay will soon have no more water worries, according to mayor Linda Watts.

Monday night, Watts told the Bay City Council, which had a rare only three members present at the meeting, the city's water problems stemmed from a bad filter. She also said the city would replace the second filter, which is currently in good shape, to insure the problem doesn't happen again.

Both filters were 30 years old. She said there will be no more bad water right now because the filter was drained dry.

Bay had been plagued with discolored water caused by iron and magnesium sediments seeping into the system through the bad Media filter.

"On July 18, Jeff Ford from the Arkansas Rural Water Association came and check our filter," Watts said. "He said we were operating off of one filter right now, which is no problem. If we had an emergency we would have to turn the other filter back on, which we could but the water just wouldn't be filtered. They came down with a big vacuum and vacuumed all of the rocks, the rest of what remained of the rocks."

Watts observed what was left of the bad filter before it was vacuumed out and then looked at the good filter, "and it's fine."

"When they (Knuckles and Sons) got all of this stuff vacuumed out, then they got down there-the bottom of it is concrete," Watts said. "One end of it is damaged. That will have to be fixed. It takes a person that is licensed or certified to do this type of thing. Through the Arkansas Rural Water Association, they were able to get a hold of a man in Russellville that does this. He talked to Crawford (Holmes, water and sewer superintendent) and he'll be coming down to look at it. This man or someone he'll bring with him will get down in there and pour it and fix it like it is suppose to be. Then when he does that part the man from Arkansas Rural Water will come back, and everything will be precisioned with sand and three layers of rocks."

The filters will be replaced one at a time. The bad filter will be fixed first and used while the other is being replaced.

The board passed an ordinance, rezoning Helena Chemical from R-1 to Commercial. The ordinance rectified the Official Zoning Districts Map to zone commercial 200 feet of Highway 463 right-of-way from Hill Drive to Biggers Road.

The fire department reported a stolen barlight, Emergency Medical Kit and Automatic Electric Defibrillator (AED) to the board. The Trumann and Caraway fire departments have also had similar items stolen.

Watts told the board Danny Metcalf, who is a street department employee, is leaving the city.

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