Paragould nips Trumann in buzzer beater

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

The Paragould Rams' 6-0 defeat over the Trumann Wildcats Friday night literally came within the last seconds of the game.

From the Trumann 37 yard-line with the seconds counting down, Paragould quarterback Andy Schatzley dodged the Trumann defense and then threw to the endzone. His target was Seth Mitchell who grabbed a flailing football, after it had bounced out of the hands of a Trumann defender, and carried it down to the ground as the buzzer rang. Mitchell came off the ground jumping and shouting for the desperate attempt for a score had worked and gave the Rams a win in a game that was fraught with problems.

Both teams struggled on the wet grass of the field. The passing game for either team just wasn't there and the running game wasn't either as both teams slid on the field.

In the first quarter, Trumann reached only the Paragould 35-yard line. On their own 39-yard line, Wildcat Revis Kemper received the handoff from Preston Timbs and gained five yards to put the 'Cats on their own 44-yard line. Adam Sloan then received the handoff and closed the remaining five-yard distance for a first down. It was close though. The referees called for a time out with 4:59 left to go in the quarter to take a measurement.

Timbs marched seven yards from the Wildcats' 49 yard-line to put the 'Cats in Ram territory on the 44 yard-line. Chris Mullins got the first down marching to the Rams' 35-yard line.

On the next play, Kemper gained a couple yards going to the Rams' 33-yard line. Timbs then slipped on the wet grass on a quarterback keeper and the 'Cats fell back to the 35-yard line. Timbs was then unable to connect with Clint Trigg. Trumann took a time out with 2:14 left in the first quarter. Timbs' pass to Adam Sloan fell incomplete.

In the second quarter, the yellow flags they were a flying.

On one play, Trumann was called for holding and interference. The Rams were then called for illegal use of hands. During the 'Cats' possession, the ball moved back and forth until it landed on the Rams' 42-yard line where the Rams' took possession back. At the beginning of play, the ball had started on the Rams' 41-yard line.

On another play Trumann and Paragould were both called for penalties with the penalties offsetting one another and neither team being penalized.

In the third quarter, Timbs completed a pass to Trigg moving the 'Cats from their own 18-yard line to their own 43-yard line. With the help of a facemask penalty against Paragould, some passing from Timbs to Sloan and Trigg and some scampering from Kemper, the 'Cats moved to striking distance onto the Rams' 10-yard line.

With a first-and-goal Timbs gained three yards with a quarterback keeper. A couple of handoffs to Kemper moved the 'Cats to the five-yard line. But Kemper wasn't able to carry the ball the distance on the third handoff.

In the fourth quarter, Michael Campbell's field goal attempt on a fourth-and-11 for Trumann was no good.

Paragould took a time out with 37 seconds left in the game as Trumann faced a third-and -22 from their own 39-yard line. Timbs' pass to Kemper was intercepted by Mitchell.

Schatzley then fired a 24-yard pass down the field connecting with Zach Noel on the Trumann 36. After throwing an incompletion, Schatzley then connected with Mitchell in the end zone giving the Rams the win.

"We had a few opportunities to score," Trumann Coach Rick Timbs said. "I knew it was going to be one of those low scoring ball games. The kids played real hard. When you have opportunities like that in a game you have to take advantage."

The Wildcats fell to 2-1. The Wildcats face Westside at Westside this week in the opening of their 3AAA District play offs. Kickoff is slated for 7:30 p.m.

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