Duck call maker speaks at second annual Wild Game Fest

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Phil Roberts, a duck call maker and specialist, spoke at the second annual Wild Game Fest hosted by the Trumann First Baptist Church on Saturday, March 8.

Roberts, dubbed the Duck Commander, began his sermon with a demonstration of duck calling techniques.

"Whereas could you go and get a duck all demonstration and a full blown sermon?" Roberts asked.

There are three problems humans face in their lives, according to Roberts' sermon. The first is sin which Roberts defined as lawlessness.

"The whole world is a prisoner of sin," Roberts said. Roberts read from four texts which demonstrated that "if you're not under Jesus you're under the control of the evil one."

The second problem is death which "seals the deal," Roberts said. "Everybody dies."

The third problem is the what-ifs, Roberts said.

Roberts, who has received degrees from schools in Louisiana, said he was taught in school that humans are animals.

Roberts said he read the Bible and the text that concerns Jesus' death and his resurrection convinced him that the only way off the planet is to believe that God removes sins.

"Your body can come out of that casket," Roberts said. "But you ain't coming out except through Jesus."

Before the sermon, guests were able to try a variety of wild game dishes. Numerous door prizes were also given away at the event.

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