Beebe speaks at banquet

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Arkansas Attorney General Mike Beebe was the guest speaker at the annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet on Thursday, Jan. 22.

He told the group that the Arkansas Supreme Court making a ruling on the state's educational reform efforts on the same day it heard arguments is "absolutely the first time in recorded memory that the courts have done this."

The court ruled to appoint a special judge or master to appraise the state's public school systems. Arkansas public schools are responsible for the education of approximately 450,000 children.

Beebe told the group that the Lake View case, concerning equitable funding of education will "dominate your life," regardless of your profession.

He said what the courts are trying to do is "make sure every child had equal opportunities" to get a good education. Beebe said that, of every tax dollar paid, 70 percent of it goes to some form of education.

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