Business classes learn first aid

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Mrs. Carol Waleszonia's Office Management and Entrepreneurship classes at Trumann High School are training to be certified in Red Cross CPR and standard first aid.

This may seem unusual for a business class, but Mrs. Waleszonia said that the classes just finished a chapter on workplace safety and the school just received five new mannequins for this purpose.

During a discussion on the new mannequins with school nurse, Karen Adams, they decided that these classes would be a good place to start teaching students first aid.

After completing the courses during their regular classroom time, the students will be certified in Red Cross CPR and standard first aid.

The students learned emergency action steps, adult CPR to care for conscious and un-conscious victims and rescue breathing. These students were the first group of students to get to work with the mannequins, that can be changed from child to adult size so students.

The special education aids were recently trained in adult and child CPR.

In addition to practicing CPR on the dummies, the students practiced first aid on each other.

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