O'Guinn shares family recipe

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Dear editor,

Thanks for printing my letters at times in the Democrat. Many had asked me to send letters to the Democrat when I saw something that knew about people or etc.

Enclosed is a recipe of my mother's Jam Cake which is a real holiday cake that is real rich and delicious. Don't know why they call it Jam Cake as it has amongst several ingredients two cups of nuts ground to the consistency of flour or a little more grainier. She died in 1969 but left some of her best recipes for us to make over and over.

I was recently ordained the second time by a church in North S. Louis who we visited and ministered to for several years and the pastor Marion Woods sent certificates or ordination to me and a certificate of Woman of Excellence to my wife Marceal A. O'Guinn. Both have gold seals on them. We did not join the church but were great friends to this day of the members and the pastor's families. I ministered the Book of Revelations in part for three nights in their church one time and the pastor sent us their manuals praising us for bringing the message of life to them.

I have recently been named the Chaplain of Chapter 6 Korean War Veterans Assn. Here in St. Charles, Mo. Have met some of the State senators several times in ceremonies. I served in the U.S. Army from November 12, 1950 to November 12th, 1952 during the Korean War. The governor of Missouri sent us medals of recognition for service during that war and also a medallion.

Oliver Hinds, a former teacher in Trumann schools asked me to make a history of Trumann so I made a video for him and stored a copy in our library. I keep in contact with him via e-mails.

God bless you and your families during this blessed holiday season.


Elder Sherman Lewis O'Guinn and Sister Marceal A. O'Guinn

Prophetic Minister and Musicians

Retired but active for the Lord

St. Charles, Mo.

Holiday Jam Cake

1 C coconut, fresh or regular packed

1 C raisins

1 C walnuts

1 C pecans

1 C butter

3 C Swans down cake flour

3 eggs

2 C sugar

1 C blackberry jam

1 C buttermilk

1/2 tsp. Baking soda

1/2 tsp baking powder

Grind first four ingredients and mix well with remainder of ingredients above. Raisins can be cooked in a little water to soften them prior to grinding. You make bake in a large pan or three round cake pans. My mother used the three-pan method. I have used the single pan method due to it being extremely rich. Then bake at 350 degrees for one hour, cool and ice.


1 1/2 C coconut

1 1/2 C canned evaporated milk

2 C confectioner's sugar

1 C butter

4 T flour or cornstarch

Icing is cooked over low heat until it thickens and then cooled. You must watch carefully that the icing does not scorch by stirring frequently. Spread on each layer of cake if three-pan method is used. Whole walnuts or pecans or both are placed on top of the iced cake. Place cake in refrigerator, not freezer, for aging.

My mother usually baked these a week to three weeks before the holidays and even sold some to neighbors. This mouth-watering cake is very rich and a person should not take large servings. The nuts are ground to the texture of flour consistency before adding to top mixture in grinder. The cakes cure like fruitcakes in aging. This is one of the most delicious cakes you will ever eat. I submitted this to McDonnell Douglas Corporation in memory of my mother, Martha M. Lewis O'Guinn and it was added to their published cookbook a few years ago.

Don't know why they called it a jam cake with the ingredients it has but it does have blackberry jam in it and I like the jam with the seeds in but other is alright to use.

I'm sure you will agree after tasting this savory cake you will like it better than a fruitcake.

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