Local lifters do well in WABDL contest

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Four local lifters competed on April 1 in the WABDL contest in Collinsville, Ill.

Mauri Cole competed in the bench press completing lifts of 280, 303, 314 and 325 pounds. He set a state record with each attempt weighing 216 pounds and a first place.

Tony Doyle competed in the open division 259 pound class. He did the dead lift with attempts of 501, 545 and 562 pounds. He did complete the first two attempts with a near miss at the last lift. He set a state record with the 545 pound lift and a second place.

Tom Morgan competed in the 275 pound master 54-60 division. He completed lifts of 485 and 512 pounds with a near miss at 529 pounds. He placed first in his division.

Eddie Morgan competed in the dead lift 259 pound 47 - 53 division. He completed lifts of 606, 644 and 662 pounds. The 662 pound lift was a state record. He placed first.

The winning weight at the 259 pound 47 - 53 division in the World Championship last November in Reno, Nev. was 661 pounds.

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