Trumann City Council meets

Sunday, November 26, 2006

In last week's Trumann City Council meeting the agenda was short. The council voted to approve a 15 year agreement with Ritter Communications.

Ritter Vice President for External Affairs John Strode was on hand to answer any questions about the agreement for council members. He said the agreement is for 15 years due to the amount of money recently invested by the company in improving Trumann's cable systems.

Cable subscribers will see changes to their cable lineup and services starting Jan. 8. Several new channels and services will be offered. Ritter is sending out a newsletter to all current subscribers detailing the new channel lineup and services.

The franchise fee in Trumann, under the new agreement is 4.25 percent.

Strode was questioned about the new channels and services having an increase in subscriber's bills. He said rates would be basic service - $17.95 a month, expanded basic - $43.95 a month and digital cable - $58.95 a month under the new contract.

In other business alderman Shorty Hargrove was wished happy 92nd birthday and commended for his service to the city.

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