Important information about pet food recall

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dr. Norette Underwood, DVM, of Trumann Animal Clinic released some important information about the recent pet food recall.

According to Dr. Underwood, his is a very large recall involving many different brands of food. The types of food affected are the "cuts and gravy" types sold in cans and small foil pouches.

The exact cause of this problem is not yet known, but a new source for wheat gluten used as a filler in pet foods may be the problem. More research is being done to pinpoint the cause. More information is expected in the coming days.

Dr. Underwood said pet owners should not panic. She said if someone has one of the recalled foods, they should stop feeding it to the pet and call their veterinarian for advice.

Warning signs of kidney disease to watch for include lethargy, a decreased appetite, vomiting and increased thirst/urination. If a pet is showing these signs, the owner should call their veterinarian.

The veterinarian can order laboratory tests to check the pet's kidney function. These tests are already recommended to screen senior and geriatric pets for a variety of diseases.

For more information, consumers may use the following sources:

* - 1(866) 463-6738.

* - 1 (800) 882-1591

* - 1(800) 445-5777

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