Monk drafted by Chicago Bears

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Marcus Monk

Some four year ago, EPC's Marcus Monk went from wearing Warrior red to Razorback red. Now there's been a complete color switch as he was selected to wear Chicago Bears blue in the seventh round of the NFL draft last Sunday afternoon.

Called a "most intriguing seventh-round selection" by the Bears' website, Monk's stock fell last season when the Razorback's all-time TD receptions lead was injured at the beginning of his senior season. He was limited to just 16 receptions missing seven of the team's games following two knee surgeries. The website added that Monk could be a "draft steal."

Jerry Angelo, general manager for the Bears, one of the few original NFL teams still under their same name and location, was quoted on the website as saying former Razorback coach Houston Nutt had "kept text messaging" the Bears that "You've got to take this guy. He's going to be a heck of a player for you. He's a great kid and a winner."

Picked 248th in the draft, Monk was one of six Razorbacks drafted including teammate defensive tackle Marcus Harrison who was also drafted by the Bears as the 90th pick in the third round.

Monk considered declaring for the draft after his junior season when he was expected to go as high as the second round, but after some lengthy deliberation he decided to play his senior year for the Razorbacks. Asked last week if he regretted the decision, he told the Tribune, "I have no regrets about anything to do with my years with the Razorbacks. If you live life the best way you can, you shouldn't have any regrets. And, if you make the most out of your situation, you should have no regrets."

Helping Monk in his negotiations with the Bears was agent Bus Cook. Cook, a former Vanderbilt quarterback, is well-known to the sports world as agent for such players as Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre, Patriots receiver Randy Moss and Baltimore Ravens QB Steve McNair.

Monk said he did well during the NFL Pro Day at the U of A, increasing his 40 yard dash speed by .10 of a second to 4.45.

"I'm sure that helped me some," said the newest Bear player.

Monk is expected to report to the Bears offices later this week and begin the newest chapter of his sports career.

Regardless of whether Monk makes an immediate impact when the NFL begins play for the 2008 season in just a few months, a huge portion of televisions in the Tri-Cities area will be tuned in whenever the Bears are on the schedule.

And just as he did with the Warriors and the Razorbacks, Monk may one day be spoken of among Chicago fans in the same breath as such former Bear greats as George Halas, "Red" Grange, former Razorback Dan Hampton, the late Walter "Sweetness" Payton and "Refrigerator" Perry.

No matter where he goes from here, though, Marcus Monk will remain one of Lepanto's favorite sons.

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