Gas pains have me down

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I know everyone's been bellyaching and complaining a lot lately about gas prices, and up to this point I've pretty much kept pretty quiet about the whole thing. It's probably a bad attitude, but I've kind of thought it's just one of those things that everyone hates but no one can really do anything about.

Gas has really been taking a huge bite out of my own wallet lately. With my husband Josh and I working different schedules, we often take separate vehicles from Jonesboro to Marked Tree at least three days a week. We also attend church in Paragould, so that's even more driving.

I know there's not too much logic to this, but I'm bad about not filling up my gas tank. I'll let it get empty, and then put $20 in it. Of course, it doesn't make a bit of difference in how much money I spend on gas to do it that way, but I guess it helps avoid the occasional sticker shock. I suppose this morning was the first time I had filled up completely, partly because I'm sick of stopping to by gas every two days. From empty, it cost me $42 to fill up my car this morning! The sad thing is that I got less than 12 gallons worth of gas. I sure miss the days of high school when I first started driving and gas was only 85 a gallon. That seemed like a lot back then, but at those prices I could have filled up my car for only $10 this morning. The thought brings a tear to my eye.

I can only wonder how the gas prices are affecting those who have to drive very long distances to work daily or those who have larger vehicles. We're currently spending at least $400 a month on gas. When I think about the things I could buy for $400 a month, or how that money could be going into my savings account, it makes me feel sick. And mad! Surely there is something someone can do to help out us poor little gas-aholics.

Sure the oil companies made record profits recently, but they used some of those profits to line the pockets or our politicians in Washington. Gee, I wonder why nothing has been done.