Six animals later

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Before our wedding day, Sam announced to me that she always wanted a tabby cat roaming about the house. So a few weeks into our marriage we drove out to a house in the country and discovered our first family treasure: Samson. I'll have to be honest; this started the whole process commonly referred to as "nesting."

All we planned for was one cat. We purposed before marriage to enjoy five years together before having children. Somewhere in the process we've acquired six animals.

It started with Samson and then we found a stray cat. Last year we bought our first home with a fenced in back yard perfect for a dog so we adopted one from the humane society. And, like our second cat, we found a stray dog that soon became one of our "kids." And speaking of kids, being the big kid that I am, I sweet-talked Sam into letting me get two hermit crabs after my fish died. They keep me company at work.

So from planning to keep one tabby cat we now have two cats, two dogs and two hermit crabs. Maybe we're subconsciously preparing for another global flood.

Now I'm not for sure if there's room for children anymore.