Life is always ever changing

Thursday, July 31, 2008

This summer has been the most exciting and eventful time of my life. Nothing will ever top the gift of my children. James and my life has changed so dramatically, it is amazing. Every decision I make, from the simplest ones to the hardest, revolve around my children.

And as it usually happens, when one things pops up, so does another. Around the time we welcomed the children home, I was offered a new job position.

About three summers ago I took the tests necessary to gain my non-traditional teaching license but haven't done anything with it. I had toyed around with the idea of teaching but was content in my position at the paper.

Well, once the opportunity presented itself and I had the best interest of the children to think of, I decided to take the teaching position. It will allow me to be off work when they are off from school and the pay is a tad better.

It was such a hard decision for me, I really did grieve over leaving the paper.

But Trumann Democrat readers, you are not rid of me yet. I will still be working in a part-part-time capacity, writing my column and blogs for the foreseeable future.

I will not be returning to work in the office, but I still plan to keep active in the community. I think if I wasn't I would start having meeting withdrawls.

So for the next school year I will be teaching English to the seventh through 12th grade students at Turrell High School. I am excited about new adventure.