I can still rock it out

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When I was in college a big part of my life revolved around the Wesley, which is the United Methodist Campus Ministry on the ASU campus. It's kind of funny that I ended up there, mainly because I grew up Baptist, not Methodist. But college ministries of all denominations are usually all melting pots of different types of students. That's part of their appeal.

I served as the Wesley's assistant director for three years and even worked there full time about six months after I graduated college. One of my favorite parts of being involved was our praise band. We called ourselves A-State of Grace -- kind of corny but we thought it was cool. I sang, which has always been a passion of mine.

Well, that has been five years ago. A lot can change in five years. You look back on things and sometimes feel a little sad about what used to be, but then again there are always lots of new things to look forward in the current seasons of our lives.

Then you stumble upon these things called reunions.

This past weekend we had an "Old Head" reunion of the Wesley, and as part of the festivities the band played at a Sunday morning service. What we ended up with was about eight of us who hadn't played together in over five years trying to get something together to live up to our former glory.

I can be a bit of a cynic, so I thought the whole thing was probably going to end up as an embarrassing train wreck. I suppose I underestimated our talent. It would seem that some things -- like fine wine -- really do get better with age. In just a couple of practices -- well, okay… one of them was five hours long -- we managed to pull out some of the old songs, blow the dust off them and make them presentable.

I knew I was getting old when I complained that the drums were too loud, but it didn't take any of us very long to get back in the groove of rocking it out.

Yes, it was fun reliving the old glory days. And one of my fellow old heads said he thought I sounded better today than ever. Guess a little ego boost here and there never hurts, right?

In the end, I enjoyed the reunion more than I thought possible. But I couldn't help but coming away feeling a little older. At the ripe age of 27, I'm a little scared of what another five years is going to feel like!