Stray manages to capture my heart

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ooops, I did it again.

I'm a sucker for animals. What can I say? I just am.

I have a habit, too, of finding strays and taking them in. Both of my cats came from the outdoors.

Jazz was hanging around the news room in Utah begging for something to eat. The guys at work were feeding her Oreo cookies. I told Kimberly about her, and when she saw her, she said, "Let's take her home."

That was cat number 2.

Since I've been in Trumann, we've found a black cat with a bum leg who was hanging around the liquor store. That one cost us $1,000 to have its leg amputated. She turned out fine, by the way, and from what we know is in a good and loving home. She was one of the sweetest cats I've ever seen. You would never know that cat only had three legs.

Um, let's see, then there was a tortoise shell colored mother cat we named Minnie who had five kittens. She adopted a tiger-colored kitten which Kimberly's brother found in his back yard. They sure were a handful to keep up with.

I rescued four kittens from next door. And then there was a tabby colored cat I found crying in a tree on Speedway late one night when I was out walking.

Last week we found a wire haired terrier who was hanging around our office. Kimberly said, "Look, it's a puppy." When I went out to see and called it, sure enough it gave me those irresistible puppy eyes -- and I was hooked.

We took her home and cleaned her up. Kimberly took her to the vet and we had to give her medicine to help cure the mange.

I love dogs, and if I didn't have a habit of moving around or had a fenced in back yard that wasn't on such a busy street, I might have kept her.

I'm used to big dogs. I grew up around Siberian huskies, and my sister has Samoyed huskies. So this was my first experience with a small dog.

She sure was a sweetie. All she wanted to do was sit on my lap and snuggle with me at night. She was funny around the cats. She would bark and growl when they got too close, but backtracked pretty fast if they turned around and threatened to whack her.

But like any dog, I didn't relish getting up every four hours in the wee hours of the morning to take her outside to relieve herself and waiting until she actually went. That, I told myself, is why I don't want a dog at the moment. But then all she had to do was wag her little tail at me and get all excited to see me and I turned into a marshmallow again.

We took her to NAFA so they could find her a good home. Sure was lonely around the office without her. I think Kimberly and I both missed her. A lot.

We went and saw her at Petco this weekend when she was up for adoption. I'm not sure if she recognized us or not. We held her for a little bit then put her back with the other dogs so she could play.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if I go back this weekend and take her home for good. I'm still debating that one. We looked up wire hair terriers on the Internet and found out they bond easily but are high energy, like to chew and require constant stimulation and attention. I'm not sure I'm high energy enough for a wire hair terrier. While she hasn't chewed up anything of consequence, she did pull apart a couple of throw rugs.

One thing is certain, she sure won my heart.