Why do protestors hate Obama?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

As you know, I've been concerned about the intense dislike some people are showing toward the president. A lot of the protesters seem to actually hate the man.

Well, Jimmy Carter, a beloved ex-president (because he was definitely not loved when he was president) says he's got it all figured out. He says it's because Obama is black. Wow, thats deep.

I'm sure some of the attacks on the president are because he is black. There are still plenty of our fellow citizens who like to wear white sheets and remember the Jim Crow South fondly, but the ones I'm concerned about are the ones who have the mistaken idea that Obama is a socialist.

Now I know that it is nothing new about Republicans screaming socialism. They did it when FDR proposed Social Security, and again when LBJ proposed Medicare. In fact, the only time they didn't make that charge was when Bush Lite proposed a drug benefit for Medicare. Now, I'm not going to be the one to wonder if that was because he was a Republican, but feel free to think that if you wish.

Of course, the Republicans back then had a point. After all, Social Security and Medicare are socialistic. That doesn't mean we are on the verge of becoming a socialist country. Our whole form of government is a one of a kind system. An experiment. Just because we tweek that system now and then doesn't mean that we are going to no longer be a democracy.

By the way, farm subsidies are also socialistic. I wonder how many of those protesters at those town halls might have been farmers? Just to save the phone calls, I like the subsidy program because it keeps prices low. was just pointing out how hypocritical some of those protesters might be.

None of this gets around to answering my question. Why is there so much hatred directed at President Obama? Hillary Clinton never drew these types of responses when she tried to reform health care in the 1990's. She was ridiculed, but not hated. That came later.

The only thing I can figure is that the insurance and drug industries have done such a good job of lying about the plan, people think it does a lot of things that it doesn't. No one is going to pull the plug on granny. The government is not about to take over health care. Health care is not going to be rationed.

A health care system with a public option is not a threat to our way of life. It is a threat to the way insurance companies and drug companies have been doing business. That's why they are working so hard and spending so much money to stop it.