MTSH welcomes Holly Corkran

Thursday, September 24, 2009

When Ethan Corkran turns three years old in January, his mother will be in her second semister at Marked Tree High School. Ethan makes she and her husband, Jacob, happy every day.

Mrs. Corkran is in her first full year of teaching seventh and eighth grade English and speech at MTHS. She graduated from Armoral High School, and attended Williams Baptist, where she attained a BS Ed in English. Her parents are Debra and Allen Brooks of Jonesboro. Debra works for Fowler Foods, and Allen is in the scrap metal business.

When she interviewed at MTHS with Matt Wright, the principal, and Bobbie Pharris, the literature ace, she was impressed with the test scores that MTHS has racked up in the past few years, and with the obvious pride of the administration in the school's academic success.

As I spoke to her, her excitement about teaching our students was obvious. Her favorite moment is the "light bulb moment." She believes if she is excited about English, even grammar, ugh (my ugh, not hers), she can and loves to create that interest in her students. She is also clearly interested in the progress of the elementary school in preparing those wonderful sixth grade students for her seventh grade English class. I forgot to ask her if she is going to "grade" this article.