Be careful.......very, very careful

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I was reading an article in the "All You" magazine the other night about how even in the safest places you are still at risk on being attacked. On the streets at an ATM machine or a parking garage is an entirely different story, however, the article, written by Melissa Fiorenza says even at your home you are at risk.

The obvious one, not inviting strangers into your home, is always a big one. It states in the article that even if the uninvited guest shows you an official business card, it doesn't give them a free pass. Anyone can have business cards made. Telling the uninvited guest you have someone else there lets the person know you are not alone and also you don't have time to chat. It's not being rude, you have to protect yourself first and foremost.

The second one is about locking your home doors at all times, day or night. I have always lived in a safe neighborhood, but I cannot imagine not ever locking my door at home. You never know, so this one speaks for itself.

And the last one, which I would have never thought of, is to store an emergency kit. Just a type kit that has a spare cell phone, flashlight and some sort of self defense device. Pepper spray is suggested in the article.

After reading her article, I felt more prepared and a little self aware that you have to be on guard at all times. Especially when you are alone.

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