Tyronza tackles big agenda

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tyronza City Council members tackled a lengthy agenda in their first meeting of the new year this week, starting with approving expenditures.

Mayor Marion Bearden noted that while new city council member Tommy Baine also was elected fire chief, it is okay for Baine to serve in the two positions since the Tyronza fire department is volunteer and has no set salary for the position of fire chief. Still, Baine will abstain from voting on matters that affect the fire department and him personally, Bearden said.

The council approved the re-appointment of Planning and Zoning committee members who already have been serving. Commission members spoke about subdivision regulations and a master street plan adopted by the Commission in a meeting Dec. 13 and recommended them to the council, but the matter was tabled until the next meeting to give the council a chance to review the plans before adopting by ordinance.

In old business, the council discussed Wilson Funeral Home property. An appraisal was made of the land held by Wilson Funeral Home owner Lafonce Latham, which joins land owned by the city. The value of the properties was determined an even swap. The council passed a resolution to make the swap. Latham will be trading a tract with frontage on Main Street for one without frontage.

After having an extra month to look over the 2011 budget, the council passed an ordinance to adopt the budget.

Council members then discussed the flood plain ordinance. Mayor Bearden said she has checked revised flood plain maps with Poinsett County Judge Charles Nix and noted there have been no changes. She said there are no houses in Tyronza in the flood plain. The ordinance must be passed by Feb. 4 and is required for residents to be able to buy flood insurance. Bearden said no one will be required to buy flood insurance unless they move into a flood zone. The ordinance establishing a flood damage prevention program passed.

The council also heard a report from the fire department. Fire Chief Baine said he is working on a three-year plan to improve the city's ISO score. The department also is working on new, stricter rules for the fire department which will be brought before the council, he said.

Finally, the council spoke with the owner of a lot on Main Street that still needs to be cleaned up. A large hole the owner planned to fill with bricks apparently was filled with debris and wood from other lots. Mayor Bearden indicated she will have the hole cleared so the owner can get his lot clean in a month.

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