City of Fisher default situation being resolved

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fisher Mayor Homer Anschultz said former chief of police David Threlkeld is straightening out a situation in which the city was behind on payments for leases on a drug dog and squad car.

The lease was with First Government Lease Company out of Illinois and amounted to $5,950 for the dog and $6,089.72 for the car. The first payment of $214.37 was due Sept. 1, 2010.

According to an FGLC invoice dated Dec. 14, no payments had been made for four months.

However, last week Mayor Anschultz said, "David Threlkeld is taking care of it. He sold the dog to a police department in Texas, and they will take over payments. Threlkeld is personally taking care of the car."

Mayor Anshcultz said he had talked to Paul Graver, president of FGLC, and noted "everything is getting straightened out."

"Chase Rains of the Lake Dallas Police Department will take over payments on the dog," Graver said. "David Threlkeld is going to sell the car. I gave him a week for that."

Graver promised an update once the car is sold.

"I want the city to know that there was nothing fishy going on behind their backs," Anshcultz said.

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