Lepanto officials take oath of office

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lepanto city council members took the oath of office Tuesday at the beginning of the January meeting.

The council heard a report on the day care center. The director said the day care center is not making a profit and needs new windows and work on the plumbing, but noted the center offers an important service that is good for the city and the surrounding area.

The center currently is unable to pay rent, but has applied for grants and will try to fix the major problems with the building. The city cannot legally let someone use property without compensation of equivalent value of the rent, but a tenant improving the building can count toward that.

The council voted to let the day care continue to use the building for the next year and to present quarterly reports to the council with expense reports for every month.

In other business, the council:

* Passed a motion to pay the contractor who worked on the sports complex $106,654.97, which does not include paying $34,250 for the 137 days of work that was done after the agreed upon completion date of March 17, 2010. The council also passed a motion to consolidate the accounts into which the construction money was placed and decided on a back-up plan to use operation and maintenance fund money to pay the remaining $17,000 if the other accounts cannot be consolidated.

* Heard from Superintendent Michael Pearce on behalf of EPC schools on using the sports complex for the upcoming baseball and softball season. Pearce asked for the opportunity to use the complex for games and asked how much work the school needs to do to prepare the fields. The council decided a committee, which has already been assembled, will meet immediately to provide the city with a list of what needs to be done at the sports complex.

* Reviewed the 2008-09 audit report and passed a motion for the city clerk to go through the report and list the action taken on each item for the council to approve next month.

* Passed an ordinance establishing a flood damage prevention program along with an emergency clause. The ordinance must be passed by Feb. 4 and must be passed in order for citizens to be able to buy flood insurance.

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