Marked Tree mayor says city will watch spending

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mayor Wayne Nichols gave the state of the city address at a Marked Tree City Council meeting held this week.

Nichols expressed his hope that the economy will improve during the new year.

"The city revenue was down in 2010, and we intend to be frugal with our spending, work more efficiently and reduce expenses where possible," Nichols said.

He also mentioned the railroad spur that will be constructed for the Awesome Products facility, which has committed to employing over 100 people. Nichols emphasized the need for every citizen "to commit to keeping our city neat and clean."

In other business, the council:

* Passed a motion to get a 40-foot waste container that will be placed behind city hall until it can be moved to a new location later.

* Voted to proceed with a new plan on catching stray dogs which will change the job to contracted labor. Someone will be hired to catch the dogs at $20 a dog. A dart gun also will be purchased which will incapacitate a dog for several minutes, making it easier to capture some which are too vicious to catch otherwise. Council members noted this plan will be more cost effective than the method previously used.

* Decided to wait on implementing a drug testing policy for all city employees until more research can be done.

* Discussed needed maintenance for City Hall.

* Reviewed the bids from three companies concerning the engineer selection for the railroad spur and voted to recommend Garver Engineering.

* Reviewed bids on a new truck for the Water Department and will review a specifications sheet next month.

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