Trumann High School to host regional basketball tourney

Thursday, February 17, 2011

With a state-of-the-art facility built just over two years ago, Trumann High School has the chance to show its gymnasium off to all of Northeast Arkansas at this year's regional tournament.

The host of the district games are always rotated, but to host the regional games, a school must place a bid in Little Rock -- and this year it went to Trumann.

The first night of the district games was Monday, Feb. 14, with Trumann coming out victorious. Games also were held Tuesday and Wednesday and will continue Friday night to determine which teams will be playing in the regional tournament.

Regional games will begin Wednesday, Feb. 23, and go through Saturday night, Feb. 26. The final game will determine which team will become the regional champs.

EAST Lab and the Trumann High varsity cheerleaders graciously produced the programs for the game, while the Student Counsel is in charge of greeting. ROTC members are helping in the bus lot, and the Trumann High Band is serving in the concession stand.

"Local businesses have donated and parents are helping with hospitality," said Beth Montgomery, a Trumann High School teacher. "This has really been a collaboration of everyone."

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